Quality and Service are Our Business


Your Business is Important to Us

Delivering quality products is our business, and we want you to be confident in our service. All of our drivers are trained in product handling, safety and accuracy. Our truck fleet is maintained by professional shops and serviced monthly. Our focus on drivers and our fleet add value to our service because we want on time and accurate deliveries of your orders every time.

About Us

Formosa Foods utilizes reputable vendors to provide the highest quality products from all regions of the world. From seafoods to vegetables or poultry to canned goods, our full line of products will give you a variety of options to order from. Our customers are diverse and come in all sizes from restaurants to grocery stores and wholesalers. 

Since our humble beginnings in 1979, Formosa Foods has grown to serve as the region's most competitive food service distributor. Our founder and father, Mao S. Chang, set stringent standands from the onset that addressed unsurpassed service and quality for the rest of the family to live by.

Today, we are still family-owned and operated with a focus on continued quality and service for all of our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best products and services with competitive value.